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What is BS EN 12899-1:2015

BS EN 12899-1:2015 is a technical standard introduced by the British Standards Institution (BSI) that specifies requirements for fixed vertical road traffic signs. These signs are used to convey important information to drivers on roads, highways, and other routes. This comprehensive standard outlines various aspects related to the design, construction, and materials of these signs, ensuring their effectiveness and consistency across different locations.

Importance of BS EN 12899-1:2015

One of the key objectives of BS EN 12899-1:2015 is to enhance road safety by ensuring that road traffic signs meet specific criteria in terms of visibility, legibility, and durability. Nowadays, with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is crucial to have clear and standardized signage to guide drivers efficiently. This standard plays a vital role in achieving this objective by providing guidelines on the size, color contrast, retroreflectivity, font type, and other essential features of road signs.

In addition to safety considerations, BS EN 12899-1:2015 also focuses on harmonizing the visual appearance of road traffic signs. By establishing uniform standards for the design and layout of signs, this standard contributes to a consistent and easily recognizable visual language for drivers. This, in turn, helps to reduce confusion and improves driver comprehension, especially when traveling to unfamiliar locations.

Key Requirements of BS EN 12899-1:2015

BS EN 12899-1:2015 covers a wide range of technical requirements for fixed vertical road traffic signs. Some of the key aspects addressed include:

Sign dimensions and geometric layouts

Minimum retroreflectivity levels

Contrast ratios between text and background

Font type, size, and stroke width for text

Colors and color combinations to be used

Fixing methods and hardware

Resistance to environmental factors such as wind loading and corrosion

By following these requirements, road authorities and sign manufacturers can ensure that the signs are clearly visible and readable under various lighting conditions and weather situations. Regular inspections and maintenance can also be performed based on the guidelines provided in this standard, helping to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the signage over time.


BS EN 12899-1:2015 is a technical standard that plays a crucial role in defining the requirements for fixed vertical road traffic signs. Its implementation helps improve road safety by ensuring consistent visibility, legibility, and durability of signs. Moreover, it contributes to creating a uniform visual language for drivers, reducing confusion and enhancing driver comprehension. Adhering to the requirements outlined in this standard enables road authorities and sign manufacturers to design and maintain effective signage systems that effectively guide and inform road users.


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