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What is ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021?

ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021, also known as "Information technology - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) - Part 1:

Architecture," is an international standard that defines the architecture and protocols for SCSI systems. SCSI is a

widely used interface for connecting storage devices to computers in various industries, including data centers,

server environments, and cloud computing.

The Purpose and Scope of ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021

The main purpose of ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021 is to provide a standardized framework for implementing SCSI interfaces,

ensuring interoperability between different manufacturers' devices. It defines the structure and functionality of

SCSI systems, including command sets, data transfer protocols, and error handling mechanisms. This standard is

essential for reliable and efficient communication between computer systems and storage devices.

Main Features of ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021

ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021 specifies several important features of SCSI architecture. First, it defines the logical model

of SCSI, which includes addressing, identification, and protocol layers. This model ensures consistent

implementation across different platforms and facilitates device discovery and management.

Additionally, the standard outlines various SCSI command sets, such as READ, WRITE, and INQUIRY. These commands

enable the host system to communicate with storage devices for data retrieval, writing, and retrieving device

information, respectively. Each command set has specific parameters and data structures defined in the standard,

allowing devices to interpret and respond accordingly.

ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021 also defines data transfer protocols, including asynchronous, synchronous, and command queuing,

enabling efficient data exchange between computers and storage devices. These protocols optimize performance by

supporting parallel requests, minimizing latency, and maximizing throughput in high-performance environments.


In conclusion, ISO-IEC 14776-1:2021 is a crucial international standard that lays the foundation for reliable and

interoperable SCSI systems. By defining the architecture, command sets, and data transfer protocols, this standard

enables seamless communication between computers and storage devices in various industries. Adhering to this

standard ensures compatibility and reliability, enhancing system performance and facilitating technological

advancements in storage technology.


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