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What is ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018?

Introduction to ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018

ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 is a technical standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It provides guidelines and requirements for writing professional technical articles. This standard defines the structure, format, style, and content recommendations for creating effective technical documentation.

Importance of ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018

ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency and quality. By following this standard, writers can enhance the readability and usability of their technical articles. The guidelines outlined in the standard aim to improve the clarity, conciseness, and organization of information presented in technical documents.

Key Components of ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018

This standard includes various components that define the structure and elements of a professional technical article:

Document Structure: ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 specifies the required sections of a technical article, such as abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and references.

Formatting Guidelines: The standard provides instructions for font usage, heading hierarchy, paragraph spacing, indentation, alignment, bullet points, tables, figures, equations, and citations.

Language and Terminology: ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 emphasizes the use of clear, concise, and unambiguous language. It also provides guidelines for using standard terminology and avoiding jargon or overly technical terms.

Content Recommendations: The standard suggests the inclusion of specific information in each section of a technical article, helping writers to present their research or findings effectively.

Benefits of Adhering to ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018

Complying with ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 offers several advantages:

Enhanced Quality: By following the standard's guidelines, technical articles become more coherent, well-structured, and easier to understand.

Improved Accessibility: Standardized formatting and language make technical articles more accessible to diverse readership.

Global Acceptance: Many organizations and journals recognize ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 as the industry standard, increasing the chances of acceptance and publication.

Time Efficiency: The standard streamlines the writing and editing process by providing clear instructions and templates to follow.

Increase in Credibility: Following ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 demonstrates professionalism and adherence to international standards, thereby enhancing the author's credibility.


ISO-IEC 15067-8-2018 sets the benchmark for writing professional technical articles. It ensures that technical documentation is presented in a consistent, clear, and organized manner, benefiting both authors and readers. Adhering to this standard helps writers create comprehensive and effective technical articles that are easily understood and widely accepted within the industry.


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