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BS EN 60903-2018

The BS EN 60903-2018 is a technical standard that pertains to electrical insulating gloves used for protection against electric shocks. It outlines the specifications and requirements necessary for manufacturing and testing these gloves.

Glove Design and Material Specifications

The standard lays down specific guidelines in terms of design and material used in the construction of electrical insulating gloves. These gloves are typically made from materials such as natural rubber or synthetic materials like silicone or neoprene. The thickness of the gloves also needs to comply with the prescribed measurements.

Furthermore, the gloves need to have a smooth surface finish with no visible defects or damage. Any markings or labels on the gloves should be permanent and must not interfere with their insulating properties.

Electrical Testing and Performance Requirements

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of electrical insulating gloves, BS EN 60903-2018 requires manufacturers to subject the gloves to rigorous electrical testing procedures. This involves testing the gloves for their ability to withstand high voltages and prevent electric currents from passing through.

The standard specifies various performance requirements that the gloves must meet during testing. These include electrical resistance, leakage current, and breakdown voltage. Gloves must provide adequate insulation even under extreme conditions, ensuring maximum protection for workers exposed to electric hazards.

Maintenance and Inspection Guidelines

BS EN 60903-2018 also provides guidelines for the proper maintenance and periodic inspection of electrical insulating gloves. It emphasizes the importance of regular cleaning, visual inspection, and air inflation testing to check for any signs of degradation or damage.

The standard recommends that gloves be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, chemicals, or ozone sources to preserve their integrity. It also highlights the need for gloves to be replaced if they fail inspections or exhibit any signs of wear and tear.

In conclusion, BS EN 60903-2018 serves as a comprehensive guide for the design, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of electrical insulating gloves. Adhering to this standard ensures that these gloves provide adequate protection against electric shocks, safeguarding workers who deal with electrical equipment and installations.


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