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What is BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011?


BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011 is a safety standard that specifies requirements and measures for the safe use of laser products. This standard provides guidelines for manufacturers, users, and regulatory bodies to ensure that laser devices are designed, manufactured, and operated in a manner that minimizes the risk of hazards associated with lasers.

The Purpose of BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011

The main purpose of this standard is to protect individuals from harmful effects of laser radiation. Laser beams can cause eye injuries, skin burns, and even ignite flammable materials if not managed correctly. BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011 helps minimize these risks by providing detailed requirements for laser safety, classification, labeling, and maintenance.

Key Components of BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011

The standard covers various aspects of laser safety, including:

Laser Classification: The standard defines different classes of lasers based on their potential hazards, such as power output, wavelength, and exposure duration. Each class has specific requirements for labeling, safety features, and user training.

Accessible Emission Limits (AELs): BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011 sets limits on the accessible emissions of lasers to prevent accidental exposure. These limits consider factors such as wavelength, exposure duration, and divergence angle.

Control Measures: The standard outlines control measures that should be implemented to ensure safe operation, including administrative controls (e.g., training, hazard assessment), engineering controls (e.g., interlocks, protective enclosures), and personal protective equipment.

Labeling Requirements: Laser products must be labeled to convey important safety information, such as the class of laser, maximum output power, and appropriate handling precautions.


BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011 plays a crucial role in promoting laser safety across industries. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can design laser devices with built-in safety features, and users can operate these devices with knowledge of potential risks. This standard ensures that lasers are used responsibly, minimizing the chances of accidents or injuries related to laser radiation exposure. It is essential for all stakeholders involved in laser technology to be familiar with BS EN 60825-4:2006+A2:2011 and follow its guidelines for safe and responsible laser use.


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