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What is BS EN 60684-2-2013?

BS EN 60684-2-2013 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for flexible insulating sleeving used in electrical equipment. This standard was developed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and provides guidelines for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of sleeving materials.

Importance of BS EN 60684-2-2013

Compliance with BS EN 60684-2-2013 is crucial for ensuring safety and performance in electrical equipment. The standard defines key parameters such as material composition, dimensions, electrical properties, and resistance to environmental factors. These requirements help prevent electrical failures, short circuits, and potential hazards for both users and the equipment itself.

Key Requirements of BS EN 60684-2-2013

The standard sets out specific criteria that sleeving materials must meet to be considered compliant. These include temperature resistance, flammability rating, mechanical strength, and chemical compatibility. Additionally, BS EN 60684-2-2013 outlines test methods and procedures for evaluating these properties, ensuring consistent performance across different manufacturers and suppliers.

Benefits of Using BS EN 60684-2-2013 Compliant Sleeving

Using sleeving materials that adhere to BS EN 60684-2-2013 offers several advantages. Firstly, it enhances operational safety by providing insulation against electric current and protecting wires and components from damage. Secondly, compliant sleeving ensures durability and reliability, even in challenging environments. Lastly, it simplifies procurement, as standardized products are available from various suppliers, reducing compatibility issues.

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