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What is BS EN 60704-1:2016?

BS EN 60704-1:2016 is a professional technical standard that specifies the safety requirements and test methods for household appliances. It is published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and is widely recognized in the industry.

Scope of BS EN 60704-1:2016

The scope of BS EN 60704-1:2016 includes various types of household appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. The standard provides guidelines for evaluating the safety performance of these appliances and ensuring their compliance with regulatory requirements.

Safety Requirements

One of the key objectives of BS EN 60704-1:2016 is to ensure the safety of users and technicians during the operation, installation, and maintenance of household appliances. The standard defines specific safety requirements, including electrical, mechanical, thermal, and radiation safety, to minimize potential hazards.

For example, the standard sets limits on the temperature rise of certain appliance surfaces to prevent burns or injuries. It also outlines requirements for protecting against electric shock, ensuring proper insulation, and avoiding harmful emissions, among other safety aspects.

Test Methods

BS EN 60704-1:2016 provides detailed test methods for assessing compliance with the safety requirements specified in the standard. These tests are conducted by manufacturers or testing laboratories to ensure that appliances meet the necessary safety criteria.

The standard covers a wide range of tests, including electrical safety tests, mechanical strength tests, performance tests, and environmental tests. Through these tests, the standard aims to verify that appliances are functionally safe, reliable, and efficient while operating under different conditions.

Manufacturers may need to conduct tests such as measuring leakage current, assessing the durability of components, evaluating the energy efficiency, and testing the resistance to environmental factors like temperature and humidity.

In conclusion, BS EN 60704-1:2016 is a comprehensive technical standard that sets safety requirements and test methods for various household appliances. It ensures that these appliances meet the necessary safety criteria and provide a high level of protection for users and technicians alike.


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