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What is BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021?

The Importance of BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021

BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021 is a technical standard that plays a significant role in the ceramic tile industry. It provides guidelines and requirements for determining the slip resistance of ceramic tiles, helping to ensure safety in various settings such as residential homes, commercial buildings, and public spaces. Slip accidents can cause severe injuries, so having a standard like BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021 is crucial to prevent such incidents and protect people's well-being.

Understanding the Testing Methodology

The testing methodology outlined in BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021 involves using a pendulum test machine to measure the slip resistance of ceramic tiles. This machine simulates real-life conditions by replicating the movement of a slipping foot on the surface of the tile. The results are then measured, providing a slip resistance value known as the Pendulum Test Value (PTV). The higher the PTV, the less slippery the tile, indicating better safety performance.

Requirements for Different Areas

BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021 recognizes that different areas require varying levels of slip resistance. For example, a residential bathroom and an outdoor swimming pool have different needs due to water exposure and usage patterns. Therefore, the standard specifies different classifications based on usage scenarios and recommends minimum PTV values for each category. By following these recommendations, manufacturers and consumers can select appropriate tiles for specific areas, ensuring optimal safety conditions.

The Role of BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021 in Quality Assurance

In addition to promoting safety, BS EN ISO 10545-11:2021 also serves as a quality assurance tool. It ensures that ceramic tiles meet the necessary slip resistance standards before they are made available on the market. Manufacturers who comply with the standard demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality products. Furthermore, consumers can make informed decisions knowing that the tiles they purchase adhere to the required safety guidelines.


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