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What is BS EN ISO 10542-1:2018


BS EN ISO 10542-1:2018 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements and test methods for wheelchairs tiedown and occupant restraint systems (WTORS) used in motor vehicles. It provides guidelines to ensure the safety and security of wheelchair users while they are traveling in vehicles. This article aims to explain the key aspects of the standard.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of BS EN ISO 10542-1:2018 covers WTORS designed to provide securement and restraint for occupied wheelchairs in private vehicles, buses, trains, and airplanes. It addresses both manual and powered wheelchairs, with the objective of preventing injuries resulting from the sudden stopping or swerving of the vehicle.

The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform requirements for the performance and crashworthiness of WTORS. It sets forth test procedures and acceptance criteria to ensure that these systems meet the necessary quality and safety standards

Key Requirements and Test Methods

BS EN ISO 10542-1:2018 specifies a range of requirements for different aspects of WTORS, including their design, installation, adjustment, compatibility, and labels. Some of the key requirements include:

Strength and durability of components

Performance under various environmental conditions

Compatibility between different components and attachment points

Provision of clear and understandable operating instructions

Additionally, this standard outlines test methods to evaluate the performance and safety of WTORS. These tests simulate real-life scenarios to assess the behavior of the system under different conditions, such as crash tests to measure the effectiveness of occupant restraint. Compliance with these test methods ensures that the WTORS will perform reliably and mitigate risks during a vehicle accident.


BS EN ISO 10542-1:2018 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of wheelchair users while traveling in vehicles. By setting requirements and test methods for WTORS, it promotes standardization and quality control within the industry. It provides manufacturers, regulators, and users with confidence that the tiedown and occupant restraint systems are reliable and effective. Adhering to this standard helps reduce the risk of injury and enables individuals with mobility impairments to travel independently and comfortably.


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