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What is BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021


BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021, also known as the STEP standard part 28, is a technical specification in the field of data exchange for computer-aided design (CAD) and related domains. This standard defines the representation and exchange of three-dimensional geometry, specifically addressing the representation of product data in the form of computer-readable files.

Key Features

This international standard outlines the encoding mechanisms for the exchange of computer-aided design data in a neutral format, allowing interoperability between different software applications. The primary focus of BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021 is to enable efficient data exchange for complex three-dimensional models.

BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021 offers advanced features such as support for tessellation, curved geometries, and high-level boundary representation (HLBRep). It provides detailed specifications on how geometry types, connectivity information, and graphical presentation should be represented within the CAD file. Additionally, the standard defines rules for the digital representation of annotation text, which ensures accurate and consistent labeling of the model.

Benefits and Applications

The adoption of BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021 brings several advantages to the CAD industry. First and foremost, it allows seamless collaboration and data exchange between different CAD software platforms, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual translations. This improves efficiency and reduces costs throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, standardized data exchange using BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021 enhances compatibility and reusability of CAD models across various applications. Designers and engineers can easily access, modify, and analyze models created by others, irrespective of the software they use. This promotes innovation, accelerates product development cycles, and ultimately leads to better quality designs.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and architecture heavily rely on BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021 for CAD data exchange. It facilitates effective collaboration within multi-disciplinary teams and enables smoother integration of various design components. Additionally, it supports digital preservation of CAD data, ensuring long-term accessibility and future-proofing of valuable intellectual property.


BS EN ISO 10303-28:2021 is a vital standard in the field of CAD data exchange, providing a robust framework for the representation and sharing of three-dimensional geometry. Its adoption significantly improves interoperability between different CAD software applications, streamlines design processes, and fosters innovation. By using this standard, industries can overcome the challenges posed by proprietary file formats and enhance collaboration across teams and organizations working on complex design projects.


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