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What is BS EN ISO 10326-2:2015 + A1:2019?

BS EN ISO 10326-2:2015 + A1:2019 is a technical specification that provides guidelines for the evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration. This standard aims to protect individuals who are exposed to vibrations in their work environment, such as construction workers, drivers, and machinery operators. The standard defines the measurement methods, limits, and evaluation criteria for whole-body vibration, ensuring a safe working environment for these individuals.

The Importance of Whole-Body Vibration Evaluation

Whole-body vibration refers to the transmission of mechanical vibration to the human body through direct contact with vibrating surfaces or by sitting, standing, or lying on a vibrating platform. Prolonged exposure to whole-body vibration can lead to various health issues such as spinal disorders, muscular fatigue, circulatory problems, and even long-term damage to organs. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate and control whole-body vibration levels to prevent adverse health effects among workers.

Measurement Methods and Evaluation Criteria

BS EN ISO 10326-2:2015 + A1:2019 provides detailed measurement methods to assess whole-body vibration exposure. It specifies equipment requirements, calibration procedures, and measurement locations. The standard also defines evaluation criteria to determine the vibration level and its potential impact on human health. These criteria include vibration magnitude, exposure duration, and the frequency range of the vibration. By following these guidelines, employers can accurately measure and assess the risks associated with whole-body vibration.

Implementing Control Measures

Once the whole-body vibration exposure has been measured and evaluated, it is essential to implement appropriate control measures to minimize the risks. This may involve modifying the design of machinery or work processes, providing vibration damping materials, or regular breaks to reduce exposure duration. The standard also recommends training programs for workers, emphasizing proper posture and body mechanics to reduce the impact of vibration on their health. By implementing these control measures, employers can ensure a safer working environment for their employees.


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