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What is BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019?

BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019 is an internationally recognized standard governing the classification and terminology

related to technical drawings. The standard provides guidelines to ensure consistent interpretation and

understanding of technical drawings across different industries and countries.

Importance of Standardization

Standardization plays a crucial role in various industries. It ensures that technical information is conveyed

accurately and comprehensively, regardless of language or geographical barriers. In the field of engineering,

adherence to standards like BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019 promotes interoperability, reduces errors, and enhances


Main Components of BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019

BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019 consists of several key components that aid in the proper classification and

understanding of technical drawings. These include:

Terminology: The standard provides definitions for commonly used terms and concepts in the

field of technical drawing.

Classification: It offers a comprehensive system for classifying technical drawings based on

their content, purpose, and format.

Guidelines: The standard outlines guidelines for creating, interpreting, and exchanging

technical drawings to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Symbolization: BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019 defines standardized symbols that represent specific

elements and features in technical drawings, facilitating universal understanding.

Application of BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019

BS EN ISO 10350-2:2019 is widely used in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, construction, and

architecture. It enables clear communication between designers, engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers,

ensuring that technical drawings are understood and implemented correctly throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Additionally, compliance with this standard also helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and maintain

quality control.


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